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Football thoughts from Friday

October 21st, 2009 at 3:54 pm by Megan Managan
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Just chatted with Mercer Island football coach Brett Ogata about last Friday’s win over Ingraham in the pouring rain. The Islanders earned their second win of the season 45-0 (click here for a full recap of the game).

Overall, he said it came down to the fact the team believed in itself.

“The kids played with a lot of confidence,” Ogata said. He said the defensive line had their best game of the season, keeping Ingraham from scoring all night. Ogata also said despite lots injuries on offensive line (and really just the team as a whole) the guys stepped up and made it happen.

This week the Islanders head to Sammamish for a KingCo basement showdown. Mercer Island football currently sits in the sixth spot in the KingCo league with a 0-4, 2-5 record while the Totems are 0-5, 1-6 this season. But Ogata said rather than focusing on Sammamish, Mercer Island is focused on what they need to do, as has been the trend all season.

“Really it’s about what we need to do to get better each week,” he said. “We worry about Mercer Island, not the other team and that’s how we’ll get to the highest potential for us.”

One thing this rebuilding year has shown, especially younger players, is that opportunities abound. The team has battled injuries and sickness throughout the season, along with many of the other teams at the school. But it’s been specifically hard on football as Ogata said the team lost “crucial players” to season-ending injuries.

“We have had a ton of them,” Ogata said of injuries to players. “A lot of younger players are hurt too, but the majority of the season ending injuries have been seniors.” Of that group of six who now find themselves stuck on the sidelines four are seniors, a junior and a sophomore.

After Sammamish on Friday night the Islanders will host Juanita in the last home game of the regular season. Ogata said mathematically the team is not slated to make the playoffs. He said if they had beat Mount Si there was a chance, but now it looks a lot less likely. After the Juanita game on Oct. 30, the Islanders will play a crossover game with one of the Metro 3A teams. Who exactly it will be depends partially on how the team plays this weekend and how the Metro league shakes out.

Ogata said the most likely scenarios for the crossover game are if the Islanders beat Sammamish, most likely they will play their last game away against the Metro #8 team OR if the Islanders lose Friday night to the Totem they would host the Metro #9 team on Nov. 6.

It all just depends on the numbers.

Football predictions

October 16th, 2009 at 3:55 pm by Megan Managan
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Bellevue and Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter sports writers Joel Willits and Kevin Endejan have been posting their predictions for football games all season. Check out how they think the Islanders are going to do tonight against Ingraham (hint: perhaps the Islanders will see their first league win?). Check out what they have to say and then vote on who you think is going to take the win.

The Islanders will head to winless Sammamish next week before returning home for the final home game of the season against Juanita on Oct. 30 (I am so hoping for some crowd costumes here…maybe someone should have a contest?).

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A quick look at Mercer Island in the KingCo 3A standings

October 16th, 2009 at 12:33 pm by Megan Managan
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Next week marks the last week of the regular season for many of Mercer Island’s fall sports. For some the post season hunt has already begun, like cross country and boys golf.
The cross country teams will head to Issaquah for the KingCo league meet on Thursday afternoon and the boys golf team is looking to score a win at the district tournament to complete their season in undefeated fashion. Swimming is also undefeated, looking to take down Bothell this afternoon before Bainbridge on Tuesday. The KingCo Championships will be held Thursday, Oct. 29 at the King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way. The boys tennis team also remains undefeated this season, putting an 8-0 dent on the season thus far.
As the season winds down and the wins become so much more important for playoff potential here is a quick look at where the KingCo 3A league is in volleyball, girls soccer and football.


Mount Si       9-0 (10-1)
Mercer Island  7-2 (8-4)
Interlake     4-4 (6-5)
Juanita     4 -5 (4-7)
Bellevue     3-5  (3-7)
Liberty     3-5 (5-6)
Sammamish     0-9

Girls soccer
Mercer Island  8-1-0 (10-2-1)

Sammamish     4-2-2 (5-3-3)
Mount Si     3-3-3 (4-6-3)
Juanita     3-3-2 (3-3-6)
Liberty     2-2-4 (2-6-4)
Bellevue     2-5-1 (5-6-1)
Interlake     1-7-0 (4-8-0)

Bellevue       3-0 (4-2)
Liberty     3-0 (6-0)
Interlake     3-1 (5-1)
Juanita     2-1 (5-1)
Mount Si     1-2 (3-3)
Mercer Island 0-4 (1-5)
Sammamish     0-4 (1-5)

In other news, in the Cross Country Coaches Association weekly team rankings the Mercer Island girls team was ranked sixth overall. Glacier Peak of Snohomish was first, Shadle Park of Spokane second, Mount Spokane third, North Kitsap fourth, Columbia River of Vancouver, fifth, Capital of Olympica seventh, Seattle Prep eighth, Bellevue ninth and Enumclaw 10th.

Islanders swim team update

October 7th, 2009 at 2:11 pm by Megan Managan
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Here is a more cohesive listing of recent swimming results. Due to space in the print edition this week the full results for recent matches could not be included. The Islanders swim and dive team is still undefeated in their season this fall, with several swimmers already earning places at the state meet.
Below are results for the last week’s swim meets, including this weekend’s non league meeting between Mercer Island and Kentwood. An asterisk denotes a swimmer qualifying for the state meet.

Mercer Island 130, Woodinville 56
200 medley relay — Mercer Island (Sara Gluck, Alyssa Hatsukami, Danielle Deiparine, Christina Williamson) 2:04.61
200 free — Madeline Larkin, MI, 2:09.12
200 IM — Kira Godfred, MI, 2:23.28
50 free — Stephanie Hammond, MI, 26.35.
Diving — Meggie Lindsey, MI, 159.25
100 fly — Danielle Deiparine, MI, 1:04.50
100 free — Stephanie Hammond, MI, 58.62
500 free — Kira Godfred, MI, 5:48.54
200 free relay — Mercer Island (Emma Nelson, Laura Remy, Sara Gluck, Danielle Deiparine) 1:52.03
100 back — Vee Vee Wang, MI, 1:09.88
400 free relay — Mercer Island (Christina Williamson, Kira Godfred, Madeleine Chandless, Stephanie Hammond) 3:59.76

Mercer Island 104, Inglemoor 82
200 free — Grace Wold, MI, 31.17*
500 free — Grace Wold, MI, 5:26.15*
100 back — Danielle Deiparine, MI, 1:06.73
100 breast — Jennifer Pak, MI, 1:12.27*
400 free relay — Mercer Island (Danielle Deiparine, Stephanie Hammond, Kristin Hoffman, Grace Wold) 3:56.52

Mercer Island 118, Kentwood 52
200 medley relay — Mercer Island (Grace Wold, Danielle Deiparine, Madeleine Chandless, Jennifer Pak) 1:54.67*
200 free — Jennifer Pak, MI, 1:57.77*
200 IM — Grace Wold, MI, 2:14.14*
500 free — Madeleine Chandless, MI, 5:34.07
200 free relay — Mercer Island (Stephanie Hammond, Christina Williamson, Masami Cookson, Pak) 1:46.12
100 back — 1, Grace Wold, MI, 1:00.42*; 2, Kira Godfred, MI, 1:03.90*
100 breast — Danielle Deiparine, MI, 1:11.92*
400 free relay — Mercer Island (Jennifer Pak, Stephanie Hammond, Madeline Chandless, Grace Wold) 3:53.99*

Quick look at high school KingCo 3A standings

October 1st, 2009 at 3:07 pm by Megan Managan
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I had an e-mail from a reader last night asking about high school standings so I thought I’d give a little update as to where teams sit right now in the KingCo 3A league.
Next week things really kick off before the post season rush begins, so keep checking back for updated information that may not make the print edition.
Also, I wanted to note that the Mercer Island boy’s golf team is going to be playing for the KingCo title against Woodinville on Monday afternoon (beginning at 4 p.m.) at the Echo Woods golf course in Woodinville. Head coach Tyson Peters has been talking about this match up all season long, and it promises to be a good test of the Islanders’ talent.

Here are the standings for the KingCo 3A league as of the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 1

1. Interlake 2-0 (5-0)
2. Liberty 2-0 (4-0)
3. Juanita 1-0 (4-0)
4. Bellevue 1-0 (2-2)
5. Mercer Island 0-2 (1-3)
Mount Si 0-2 (1-3)
Sammamish 0-2 (1-3)

1. Mount Si 5-0 (6-1)
2. Mercer Island 3-1 (4-3)
3. Liberty 2-2 (4-3)
4. Juanita 2-2 (2-4)
Bellevue 2-2 (2-4)
5. Interlake 1-3 (2-4)
6. Sammamish 0-5 (0-7)

Girl’s Soccer
1. Mercer Island 4-0 (6-1)

2. Sammamish 2-1-1 (3-2-2)
3. Mount Si 1-1-2 (2-4-2)
4. Juanita 1-1-1 (1-1-5)
5. Bellevue 1-2 (4-3)
6. Liberty 0-1-2 (0-4-2)
7. Interlake 0-3 (2-4)

The boy’s golf team is undefeated in KingCo matches at 5-0, currently challenging for the KingCo title and the girl’s swimming team is also undefeated at 5-0, with several members of the swim team already qualified for appearances at the state meet this fall.

Paddling around the Rock

September 29th, 2009 at 2:54 pm by Megan Managan
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It wasn't just the kids or their parents out giving it a try, sometimes they both did at once.

It wasn't just the kids or their parents out giving it a try, sometimes they both did at once. Megan Managan/Mercer Island Reporter

Sunday was the first ever Round the Rock paddle race for stand up paddle surfers, a sport grabbing hold in our area. I had the chance a couple of weeks before to visit with the co-organizers, Jeff Underwood and Dan Eberhardt to learn about the sport and the race in general. Their enthusiasm for not only the race, but also the sport was contagious and I just had to check it out.

It was billed as the largest SUP event north of southern California, and Jeff and Dan didn’t disappoint. I headed out on Sunday afternoon, a perfect day to hang out at Luther Burbank Park, and found myself feeling like I was at a California beach event, rather than in Western Washington. Paddle surfers of all ages skimmed the waters just off shore, as people milled around waiting for the first full course racers to make their appearance at the finish line. Local surf shops and industry booths were set up so people could learn about the sport, where to get boards and even give the paddle surfing boards a try, something I took advantage of.

When I had spoken with them earlier both Jeff and Dan said it was easy to learn to paddle surf, but having never done anything except bogey board occasionally I was a little skeptical. I’m happy to report, however, after a quick explanation from one of the ladies manning the Perfect Way Surf Shop (located in Kirkland) booth I was kneeling on a demo board and before I knew it, stand up paddle surfing on Lake Washington!

The 13 mile race around Mercer Island had 73 entries, while the short sprint race later in the afternoon of 2.5 miles had 57 people sign up that day to take part. According to Dan contestants ranged in age from 9 to 61-years-old.
Shortly after I arrived the first racer headed in, posting an unbelievable finish of 2 hours and 35 minutes. Originally, Dan and Jeff told me they expected the racers to finish in about three hours.

Beau Whitehead was the winner of the race. He finished the 13 mile course in 2:35 in the unlimited class.

Beau Whitehead was the winner of the race. He finished the 13 mile course in 2:35 in the unlimited class.

Beau Whitehead, 40, of Bellingham, Wash. paddling for the Urban Surf Shop team claimed the victory in the unlimited class, while Dan Eberhardt, of Manhattan Beach, Calif., came in second with a 2:56 finish time in the 14 feet class, paddling with the Riviera Paddle Surf team. Rod Parmeter of Hood River, Ore. was third overall with a time of 3:04 in the 14 feet class.

On the women’s side of the race Heather Nelson finished first with a time of 3:12 in the 14 feet class. Cindy Hales, of Seattle, paddling for Cheka Looka finished in 3:49, in the 12.6 feet class and Jean Anne Dobrowolski, also of Seattle, was third at 4:53.

In paddle surfing the unlimited division means there is no restriction on the board length, and fins, rudder and foils are allowed on the boards. In the SUP 14 foot class the maximum length for boards is 14 feet, fins must be fixed in place, and foils and rudders are not allowed. The same rules apply to the SUP 12.6 foot class, expect the maximum length is 12 1/2 feet.

Paddlers of all experience levels were out on Sunday, during the race.

Paddlers of all experience levels were out on Sunday, during the race.

Dan said the temperature and skies were perfect for a race, but that it was a bit windy out on the course.
“The entire west end of Mercer Island had some serious head wind,” he said. That section represented about 60 percent of the overall course. The Coast Guard clocked the wind at a steady 18 to 20 miles per hour, according to Dan, including gusts up to 30 mph.
“Making it around the north end of Luther Burbank had a great tail wind – for good speed!” said Dan.

Overall, the event was definitely a success. Dan did say next year they plan to have a full automated timing system for results. This year paddlers finished after giving their number to an appointed boarder who sat on a board by a buoy just off the park’s beach.

Congrats to all the finishers!

Surf shops from the area were on hand to showcase their services, as well as to discuss the different types of boards and equipment paddle surfers use.

Surf shops from the area were on hand to showcase their services, as well as to discuss the different types of boards and equipment paddle surfers use.

2010 Olympics – Ready or not here they come

September 23rd, 2009 at 12:59 pm by Megan Managan
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It is almost time. I’ve been waiting for probably three solid years for the months to slowly dwindle until the magic could begin. Now only five months away (which I know is still a long time, but after two years come on!) coverage of the Winter Olympics in Whistler and Vancouver, British Columbia is getting ready to explode.

Between the circus of just trying to get tickets to specific events, to figuring how whether or not to stay in B.C. or make it a day trip and trying to determine how and when to make the border crossing, the logistics for a simple trip has, at many points, felt overwhelming; and I know I’m not alone.

I’ve had my tickets to a single hockey game since they were first offered to U.S. citizens. As a self-described sports nut who loves hockey and the Olympics it was a no-brainer. I spent the Beijing Olympics watching Michael Phelps crush the medal record with my extended family following my cousin’s wedding – those are the moments I’ll remember, where I was and who I watched it with. That is what makes the every two year global spectacle what it is.

Shortly after the International Olympic Committee announced Whistler as the winning bid for 2010 I knew I wanted to go. When would I ever be this close to the Games again? Mostly likely never, unless Seattle or Portland makes a bid, at which point would push them, at the very earliest, to a 2016 or 2020 bid, depending on which type of games they wanted to pursue – summer or winter. But now I’m getting off topic – Whistler, February – it’s going to be a big deal.

What I, and the Reporter, really want to know, is who else out there on the Island is making a Games pilgrimage? Local opinions seem to vary on whether it’s worth the hassle to get there for a single event or for multiple. Others are about as excited as you can get, snatching up tickets to as many events as possible to fully revel in the Olympics event. I have friends trekking home from Arizona to take in the sights and visit with family over the course of those weeks.

Before the lights dim during the Opening Ceremonies we want to hear your stories, from deciding what events to attend, to booking tickets, to getting a hotel and how you decided the best way to get there for the day or week.

Send your thoughts, stories and comments to Thanks in advance!

Football stats vs. Liberty

September 22nd, 2009 at 12:54 pm by Megan Managan
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I wasn’t able to get these stats before the paper was finished this week, so here’s an update with more specifics from the Islander’s loss last Thursday. This week they are preparing to face off against Interlake at home. Kick off is scheduled at 7 p.m.
Thursday’s final score was 51-13, with sophomore quarterback Jeff Lindquist making a 2-yard sprint in the second quarter, after the Islanders gave up 23 unanswered points in the first 12 minutes. Kicker Alex Wood made a solid kick to give Mercer Island 7 points, against Liberty’s 14 in the second quarter. Wood punted for 112-yards during four kicks for the team.
The next Mercer Island end zone appearance wasn’t until the third quarter when senior captain Kurtis Rosengreen made an 81-yard trip down the side of the field.
Throughout the night the Islanders had 50 passing yards overall and 156 rushing yards during the loss. The team had two penalties resulting in 10 yards.
Three Islanders were responsible for seven solo tackles during the game, David Kuhn, Trevor Reed and Greg Williams each also assisted on a tackle. Junior Ben Emanuels had six solo tackles and three assists. Sophomore Phil Frazier sacked Liberty’s quarterback resulting in a Patriots loss of 6-yards.
Currently, the Islanders are 1-2 in the season and 0-1 in the league. As of Tuesday morning the team sits in fifth place in the KingCo league. Interlake is at the top of the league with a 4-0 non-league record, after beating Hazen and Yelm in non-league games. The team also picked up an easy win after Ingraham forfeited the first game of the season. Interlake won their first league game of the season with a 50-28 win over Mount Si.

Football tonight – MI at Liberty

September 17th, 2009 at 3:07 pm by Megan Managan
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Tonight the Islanders are traveling to Liberty High School in their first league showdown of the season. The Thursday night game, played prior to the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah, which begins tomorrow, features a strong Liberty quarterback up against the young Mercer Island team. Liberty is 2-0 heading into tonight’s game and MI sits at 1-1 in the season.
Last week, following the Islanders loss to Newport, head coach Brett Ogata said in preparation for the Liberty game the team would just have to work on being better all around.
“They (Liberty) are a heck of a team and I know they are looking out for us, so we just have to get better,” Ogata said.
Kick off is 7 p.m. at Liberty High School Stadium in Renton.

MI sports blog now online

September 17th, 2009 at 2:41 pm by Megan Managan
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Welcome to From the Goal Line – a sports blog dedicated to all sports and recreation on Mercer Island, and likely, anything else sports related grabbing my attention. I’ll be adding extras from stories and other information as it comes my way. Feel free to send me ideas, ask me questions and let me know what is going on!

You can also see what’s going on around MI via my Twitter @MIRsports and at Feel free to get in touch anytime at

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