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Lots of local soccer seniors head to DI schools

February 4th, 2010 at 11:32 am by Megan Managan
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Tuesday, I posted a quick blurb on this blog about the fact that two MIHS girls soccer players would be headed to play for Division I schools this coming fall. Turns out one of them was a member of another team setting an amazing precedent for girls soccer in Puget Sound.

As Issaquah Reporter sportswriter Kevin Endejan posted earlier, 16 players (the entire team) from the Crossfire ’91 team will play soccer at college next year. That roster includes Mary Hill, a senior at MIHS, who will play at Seattle University this fall.

See my story in next week’s paper after talking to Hill and her best friend and teammate Erin Bourguignon.

Week 9 basketball poll

February 2nd, 2010 at 2:24 pm by Megan Managan
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Here is the Week 9 basketball poll. Things are starting to cement as the post-season draws closer – at least in the top spots. Although I will say teams who lose at this point are likely to fall far, as was the case with Issaquah, who went from No. 2 in the 4A girls poll all the way down to No. 4. The Newport girls hung tough, edging up to the vacant No. 2 spot.

Bellevue is still dominating the 3A boys league, locally and across the state with a perfect Enumclaw team their only obstacle to No. 1. Tonight the Wolverine’s host the Mercer Island boys and tomorrow the Mercer Island girls, who stayed in No. 4 travel to take on Bellevue.

As the post-season gets closer – who do you think will be moving up or down as the season continues? Thoughts/comments? Let me know!

Class 4A boys
1. Federal Way (16-1)
2. Gonzaga Prep (16-1)
3. Curtis (17-1)
4. Jackson (15-1)
5. Walla Walla (15-2)
6. Kamiakin (12-3)
7. Richland (14-3)
8. Skyline (13-3)
9. Lake Stevens (13-4)
10. Garfield (12-4)
Others receiving votes: Beamer (13-5), Decatur (13-6)

Class 4A girls
1. Auburn Riverside (18-0)
2. Newport (15-1)
3. Woodinville (15-1)
4. Issaquah (13-3)
5. Federal Way (15-4)
6. Edmonds-Woodway (15-1)
7. Chiawana (16-1)
8. Jackson (13-3)
9. Kentwood (14-4)
10. Wenatchee (11-4)
Others receiving votes: South Kitsap (13-5), Richland (13-4), Mount Tahoma (16-3), Marysville-Pilchuck (13-4), Bethel (14-4)

Class 3A boys
1. Enumclaw (16-0)
2. Bellevue  (16-1)
3. Rainier Beach (13-3)
4. Seattle Prep (14-3)
5. Lakes (14-2)
6. Mount Si (12-4)
7. Capital (14-1)
8. Shadle Park (12-4)
9. Meadowdale (13-3)
10. O’Dea (12-5)
Others receiving votes: Bremerton (10-4), Mount Rainier (11-5), Franklin Pierce (10-5)

Class 3A girls
1. Holy Names (15-2)
2. Kennedy Catholic (14-3)
3. White River (15-2)
4. Mercer Island (13-3)
5. Bonney Lake (13-4)
6. Port Angeles (13-2)
7. Mount Rainier (14-2)
8. Yelm (12-4)
9. Sumner (11-5)
10. Lakeside (11-6)
Others receiving votes: Central Valley (12-4), Shorecrest (11-5), Prarie (13-3), West Valley (11-4)

Two Islanders declare intent to play college soccer

February 2nd, 2010 at 12:54 pm by Megan Managan
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Two members of the Mercer Island High School girls soccer team have made verbal committments and will sign their letters of intent tomorrow to play college soccer.

Friends and co-captains Mary Hill and Erin Bourguignon have both said they plan to play next year, with Hill suiting up for Seattle University and Bourguignon for Eastern Washington University.

Tomorrow is National Signing Day, with high school seniors across the country committing, on paper, to play their sport for the college which they’ve been accepted to.

The Islanders had a historic run in 2009, finishing second at state, losing in a shootout to Columbia River. It was the first time the girls soccer team had made the state finals, and it was the first team to win a KingCo title since 2002.

I’ll be talking with both girls this afternoon for a story in next week’s paper.

Paddle surfing race on Lake Union tomorrow

January 29th, 2010 at 2:00 pm by Megan Managan
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Back in September of 2009 I had the chance to interview local paddle surfers Dan Eberhardt and Jeff Underwood. They organized the first ever, very successful ‘Round the Rock paddle surfing competition around Mercer Island.


This weekend there is another local race, the Pacific Northwest Outrigger Racing Canoe Association (PNWORCA) will host a 6 mile race around Lake Union, Saturday, Jan. 30 at 11 a.m. It’s open to all crafts, including paddle surfers. Head to their Web site for more information on the race and the club.

Week 8 basketball poll

January 27th, 2010 at 9:54 am by Megan Managan
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Here’s the latest basketball poll as voted on by sports writers in the Reporter Newspaper group.

Class 4A boys
1. Federal Way (13-1)
2. Gonzaga Prep (13-1)
3. Curtis (15-1)
4. Jackson (13-1)
5. Walla Walla (13-2)
6. Richland (13-2)
7. Skyline (12-2)
8. Kamiakin (12-3)
9. Lake Stevens (11-4)
10. Decatur (11-5)
Others receiving votes: Kentridge (11-5), Garfield (10-4), Foss (11-4), Lake Washington (11-3)

Class 4A girls
1. Auburn Riverside (16-0)
2. Issaquah (13-1)
3. Newport (13-1)

4. Woodinville (13-1)
5. Edmonds-Woodway (13-1)
6. Federal Way (12-3)
7. Chiawana (12-1)
8. Jackson (12-2)
9. Marysville-Pilchuck (12-3)
10. Kentwood (11-4)
Others receiving votes: Bellarmine Prep (11-5), Mount Tahoma (13-3), Lewis and Clark (9-5)

Class 3A boys
1. Enumclaw (14-0)
2. Bellevue (14-1)
3. Rainier Beach (12-3)
4. Seattle Prep (12-3)
5. Lakes (10-4)
6. O’Dea (11-4)
7. Mount Si (11-4)
8. Shadle Park (10-3)
9. Capital (12-1)
10. Foster (11-3)
Others receiving votes: Sammamish (11-4), Meadowdale (11-3), Franklin (7-7), Kennedy Catholic (10-5)

Class 3A girls
1. Holy Names (13-2)
2. Kennedy Catholic (12-3)
3. White River (12-2)
4. Mercer Island (11-3)
5. Lakes (10-4)
6. Mount Rainier (12-2)
7. Bonney Lake (11-4)
8. Yelm (11-4)
9. Port Angeles (12-2)
10. Sumner (10-4)
Others receiving votes: Shorecrest (9-4), Seattle Prep (10-4), Juanita (10-5), Shadle Park (8-5), Lakeside (9-6)

Week 7 basketball poll

January 21st, 2010 at 11:11 am by Megan Managan
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The poll is voted on by sportswriters from various Reporter papers in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts and opinions.

The Mercer Island girls are sitting at No. 4 in the 3A poll, but those top four teams essentially hold the same record. The Islander girls outlasted a tough Mt. Si team last night 51-50.

Issaquah and Newport in the girls 4A poll still sit in top spots, as do the Bellevue boys who held on to No. 2 this week, despite a close game against Sammamish last week.

Class 4A boys
1. Federal Way (12-1)
2. Gonzaga Prep (12-1)
3. Curtis (14-1)
4. Richland (12-1)
5. Jackson (11-1)
6. Walla Walla (11-2)
7. Skyline (12-1)
8. Lake Stevens (10-4)
9. Decatur (11-4)
10. Foss (10-3)
Others receiving votes: Kamiakin (11-2), Lincoln (8-5), Kentridge (11-4)

Class 4A girls
1. Auburn Riverside (15-0)
2. Woodinville (12-0)
3. Issaquah (11-1)
4. Newport (11-1)

5. Federal Way (11-3)
6. Edmonds-Woodway (11-1)
7. Kentwood (11-3)
8. Jackson (11-1)
9. Chiawana (11-1)
10. Lewis and Clark (8-5)
Others receiving votes: Bellarmine Prep (9-5), Marysville-Pilchuck (10-3), Mount Tahoma (12-2)

Class 3A boys
1. Enumclaw (13-0)
2. Bellevue (13-1)
3. Rainier Beach (11-3)
4. Seattle Prep (11-3)
5. Lakes (11-2)
6. O’Dea (10-4)
7. Shadle Park (9-3)
8. Mount Si (10-4)
9. Capital (10-1)
10. Kennedy Catholic (9-5)
Others receiving votes: Meadowdale (10-2), Franklin Pierce (8-4), Sammamish (10-4), Shorecrest (9-3), Franklin (7-6)

Class 3A girls
1. Holy Names (11-2)
2. Kennedy Catholic (11-4)
3. White River (11-3)
4. Mercer Island (11-3)
5. Lakes (9-4)
6. Bonney Lake (10-3)
7. Yelm (10-1)
8. Mount Rainier (11-2)
9. Lakeside (8-5)
10. Seattle Prep (7-6)
Others receiving votes: Shadle Park (7-5), Port Angeles (11-2), Shorecrest (7-4), Sumner (8-4), Meadowdale (8-4), Renton (7-4)

Week 6 basketball poll

January 12th, 2010 at 11:17 am by Megan Managan
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The season is right around the half way mark and the basketball polls couldn’t be any closer. The top three teams in the boys 3A poll were separated by just one point this week with undefeated Bellevue nabbing the top spot.

The Mercer Island girls jumped into the top five with a No. 4 ranking in the state. They are in firm command of the 3A KingCo league after dominating against Bellevue last Friday. As a little side note based on the numbers I’ve been seeing there are no undefeated 3A girls teams in the state this season.

The Bellevue boys took the top place in the 3A ranking as they are undefeated at 11-0. After watching them play against a fired up MI boys team last Friday, the Wolverines were cool and calm, obviously in control as they have been all season.

In the 4A girls arena Issaquah and Newport swapped No. 3 and No. 4 after the Lady Eagles beat Newport in the Knights first loss this season. Should be interesting to see how things play out until March.

Class 4A boys
1. Federal Way (10-0)
2. Curtis (11-0)
3. Gonzaga Prep (9-1)
4. Richland (10-0)
5. Jackson (9-1)
6. Decatur (8-2)
7. Kamiakin (9-1)
8. Skyline (8-1)
9. Foss (9-2)
10. Kentridge (8-3)
Others receiving votes: Walla Walla (7-2), Lake Washington (8-2), Lake Stevens (8-3)

Class 4A girls
1. Auburn Riverside (11-0)
2. Woodinville (10-0)
3. Issaquah (9-1)
4. Newport (9-1)
5. Federal Way (9-2)
6. Kentwood (8-2)
7. Lewis and Clark (7-3)
8. Edmonds-Woodway (8-1)
9. Jackson (8-1)
10. Chiawana (9-1)
Others receiving votes: Bellarmine Prep (7-3), Monroe (9-1), Richland (8-2), Wenatchee (7-4), Kentlake (8-3), Marysville-Pilchuck (8-3)

Class 3A boys
1. Bellevue (11-0)
2. Enumclaw (9-0)
3. Rainier Beach (7-3)
4. Seattle Prep (8-3)
5. Lakes (7-2)
6. O’Dea (8-3)
7. Shadle Park (8-2)
8. Mount Si (8-3)
9. Hazen (9-2)
10. Capital (7-1)
Others receiving votes: Franklin (5-5), Meadowdale (7-2), Columbia River (7-3), Foster (7-2), Hudson’s Bay (8-1), Sammamish (9-3)

Class 3A girls
1. Holy Names (9-2)
2. Kennedy Catholic (8-3)
3. White River (8-1)
4. Mercer Island (8-3)
5. Sumner (8-2)
6. Bonney Lake (8-3)
7. Lakes (7-3)
8. Mount Rainier (8-2)
9. Shadle Park (7-3)
10. Lakeside (7-5)
Others receiving votes: Prarie (6-3), Yelm (9-1), Mount Tahoma (10-2), Meadowdale (5-4), Shorecrest (5-3)

Reclassification notes

January 8th, 2010 at 1:40 pm by Megan Managan
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A while back I put out some information that Eastside Catholic was considering a bid to join KingCo as a 3A school.  Well sounds like the process is still going on (thanks to an update from my colleague Joel Willits at the Bellevue Reporter). In his blog, after discussing the recent new Interlake football hire, Art Kuehn, Interlake’s AD, made a quick mention of the Crusaders bid.

Check out From the Sidelines to see what Kuehn had to say about EC and the Saints new coach. As we hear more we’ll keep you posted!

Friday’s MIHS gym dedication details

January 6th, 2010 at 3:26 pm by Megan Managan
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This was just passed along to me from MIHS Athletic coordinator Ann Meisner about Friday’s dedication of the MI gym to former boys head coach Ed Pepple. On the night the Islanders host league rival Bellevue the community is going to get a chance to say thanks for Pepple’s many years of service.
The school is expecting the gym to be standing room only for the event, which will take place between the girls and boys varsity games Friday night. The girls tip off at 6:30 p.m. and sometime likely between 7:50 and 8:15 p.m. the ceremony will start, which Meisner said they expect to last 15 to 20 minutes.

The presentation is going to include Pete Nordstrom, of the Mercer Island basketball alumni group, Gary Plano, MISD’s superintendent, Janet Frohnmayer, MISD board member, Craig Olson, MIHS athletic director and Pepple. During the ceremony the gym will be dedicated and a plaque will be present to Pepple.

Following the ceremony the varsity boys teams will have 15 minutes of warm up in the main gym and approximately between 8:25 and 8:45 p.m. the boys game will start.

Because the school is expecting so many people there will be two ticket selling stations for the evening and those who plan to attend either the games or the ceremony are encouraged to arrive early and plan for a crowd. There is no pre-sale of tickets for the evening. Parking is available at any of the high school lots, as well as parking in the neighborhood around the high school.

Meisner also said the concession stand (featuring pizza, soda, water and snacks) will open at 5:30 p.m., but that only water is allowed in the gym, so tables and chairs will be available in the commons for people to eat.

Should make for not only a good night of basketball, but a great chance to see the school and community thank Pepple for all his work.

Bloom named Stealth captain

January 5th, 2010 at 3:32 pm by Megan Managan
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Mercer Island local and member of the Washington Stealth professional lacrosse team, Jason Bloom, has been named a captain for the team with Cam Sedgwick and Kyle Sorensen named assistant captains.
Jason, who is in his fourth year as an National Lacrosse League player, previously playing for Boston and Colorado, grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia.
I had the chance to interview Jason a couple of weeks ago at his ‘other’ job as a real estate professional in downtown Bellevue. He was great to talk to and really gave me a sense of just how accessible lacrosse is at the professional level (a goal of most teams, players and the league in general).
During the 2009 season with the Boston Blazers, Jason played in 16 games, had 13 goals, 10 assists and earned 23 points for the team, all while commuting for games and practices from Florida, where he was finishing his master’s degree.
In a press release sent out by the Stealth head coach Chris Hall said “Jason was an obvious choice for us” and that he has shown exceptional leadership qualities during the short time he’s been with the team (Jason was an offseason acquisition to the team this summer).
The Washington Stealth kick off their season Jan. 9 at Comcast Arena in Everett, taking on Colorado Mammoth (Jason’s old team) in the first professional lacrosse regular season game in Washington state.
Check out for more information on the upcoming season.

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