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Washington Stealth lacrosse captains letter

April 13th, 2010 at 11:42 am by Megan Managan
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The Washington Stealth professional lacrosse team captains, Jason Bloom (a Mercer Island resident) and Jamison Koesterer sent out this letter via press release about the team’s upcoming playoff chances.

Dear Washington Lacrosse Community,

As you are probably aware, we’re putting together a great inaugural season here in Washington.  Speaking on behalf of our teammates, we all feel very fortunate to be playing in front of some amazing fans, and in a state where lacrosse is absolutely taking off.  All of the pieces are in place, and we are playing some of our best lacrosse of the season.

The Stealth has a phenomenal opportunity this Saturday to secure first place overall in the National Lacrosse League, and play all of our playoff games in front of you at home!  We have our sights on a Championship season, and are gearing up for another huge game this Saturday at the Comcast Arena at Everett against our archrivals, the Edmonton Rush.

There is no doubt about it, this is the biggest game of the season; winning this game will not only lock up a West Division Title, but more importantly it will also give us the best record in the NLL and keep us at home for all of our playoff games in front of you, our dedicated fans!  Please help us spread the word to the community- to your friends, family members, lacrosse fans and simply just fans of any sport.

We’re looking for another huge and boisterous turnout this Saturday and we need you to help us make Comcast Arena one of the most intimidating buildings for opposing teams to play.  Your energy is contagious, so let’s pack the place this weekend and show the lacrosse world what Washington lacrosse is all about!

See you Saturday,

Jason Bloom & Jamison Koesterer

Visit the Slealth’s Web site for more details on the team, tickets and schedules.

Lacrosse standings update

April 12th, 2010 at 12:54 pm by Megan Managan
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Another Monday lacrosse standings update. Both the Mercer Island girls and boys are doing well – each won their games last week. The boys stayed perfect with a 10-0 record, tied with Bellevue for first place and the girls are in a three-way tied for second after winning their last three games. Look for recaps of both in this week’s issue.

Boys Division I

1 Bellevue 5 5-0-0  (0) 1.000 9-2-0 125 53 72
tie Mercer Island 5 5-0-0  (W1) 1.000 10-0-0 122 45 77
3 Issaquah 4 3-1-0  (L1) 0.750 1.5 7-3-0 109 69 40
4 Skyline 5 3-2-0  (W1) 0.600 2 4-5-0 75 72 3
tie Overlake 5 3-2-0  (W1) 0.600 2 3-3-0 66 58 8
6 Northshore 4 2-2-0  (0) 0.500 2.5 3-2-0 51 52 -1
tie Lakeside 4 2-2-0  (W2) 0.500 2.5 2-2-0 23 45 -22
8 Mukilteo 6 2-4-0  (L1) 0.333 3.5 3-6-0 48 75 -27
9 Eastlake 5 1-4-0  (L2) 0.200 4 1-4-0 27 46 -19
tie Eastside Catholic 5 1-4-0  (0) 0.200 4 2-5-0 42 82 -40
1 Curtis 5 5-0-0  (W1) 1.000 6-1-0 89 46 43
2 Bainbridge 5 4-1-0  (W2) 0.800 1 4-4-0 66 73 -7
tie King’s Way 5 4-1-0  (W1) 0.800 1 4-1-0 49 24 25
4 Puyallup 3 2-1-0  (L1) 0.667 2 2-1-0 39 25 14
5 Tacoma 5 2-3-0  (L1) 0.400 3 2-3-0 49 46 3
6 Seattle Prep 4 1-3-0  (L3) 0.250 3.5 1-4-0 27 58 -31
7 Stadium 5 1-4-0  (L1) 0.200 4 1-4-0 16 50 -34
tie Vashon 5 1-4-0  (L4) 0.200 4 1-4-0 30 71 -41
9 Tahoma 4 0-4-0  (0) 0.000 4.5 1-6-0 47 67 -20
tie Lake Tapps 5 0-5-0  (L5) 0.000 5 0-5-0 32 80 -48

Girls Division I

Rank Team GP Record Pts
1 Lakeside 6 6-0-0  (W6) 12
2 Bainbridge 5 4-1-0  (W4) 8
tie Snohomish 6 4-2-0  (W2) 8
tie Mercer Island 5 4-1-0  (W3) 8
5 Seattle Prep 6 3-2-1  (T1) 7
tie Bellevue 5 3-1-1  (T1) 7
7 Lake Sammamish 5 3-2-0  (L1) 6
tie Tacoma 4 3-1-0  (L1) 6
9 Garfield 5 2-3-0  (L2) 4
10 Holy Names 5 1-4-0  (L3) 2
tie Forest Ridge 4 1-3-0  (W1) 2
12 Roosevelt 5 0-5-0  (L5) 0
tie Curtis 5 0-5-0  (L5) 0
tie Nathan Hale 4 0-4-0  (L4) 0

Have old soccer jersey’s just lying around?

April 8th, 2010 at 10:57 am by Megan Managan
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This is a pretty cool idea (and thanks to our city reporter Elizabeth for passing this tid-bit along). This summer the 2010 World Cup will be hosted by South Africa. In light of the huge event a retired player from Norway is using this as the focal point to raise awareness for refugee’s around the world. His idea: create the world’s largest soccer jersey, made up of individual ones sent in from around the world. Bjorn Heidenstrom is biking from Keyna to South Africa gathering shirts and letting people know about what its like to be a refugee. All the shirts will be compiled this month in South Africa and assembled at the World Cup site. Check out the basics below:

Bjorn Heidenstrom, a retired Norwegian soccer player from the club team Vålerenga, is ‘Hitchbiking’ from Kenya to South Africa and creating the world’s largest football shirt on the route as part of raising awareness for the world’s refugees. Heidenstrom, has worked with football as a hub for; marketing, media, values, Soccer Against Crime, and Valerenga against racism. He will make content on his website: each day on the 10-month journey.

“You can help directly with a football shirt. it maybe an old one or a new one, can be the team you play for, or the team you support. Sign it, just you, or with mates, and send it to “Base Camp”. My crew comes to South Africa in April 2010 and we start making the symbol. We also make a bet; “This symbol (“the shirt 2010″) will get the biggest attention during the World Cup 2010…. You can be a part of it. You can be on the symbol. You can help…by just sending one of your FC shirts.”

His web sites are:!/pages/More-Than-a-Game/112697618741385?ref=ts

MI baseball plays at Safeco this weekend

April 7th, 2010 at 9:41 am by Megan Managan
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The Mariners won’t start their home season at Safeco Field until April 12, but anyone who wants to see great baseball at the Major League Baseball park can head out this Saturday, April 10 for the Marinier Classic featuring four high school baseball teams.

The Mercer Island baseball team will be taking on Eastmont, a 4A school out of Wenatchee, at Safeco Field at 4 p.m. The game is free and open to anyone who wants to attend. The Islanders are 6-1 so far this season, currently sitting in second place in the KingCo 3A/2A standings.

The Issaquah baseball team will play Kentridge at 12:30 p.m. also on Saturday.

Mark Bathum outtakes

April 6th, 2010 at 1:09 pm by Megan Managan
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In Wednesday’s issue, I did a story about an Island native who recently skied in the Paralympic Games in Whistler. Mark Bathum, who grew up on Mercer Island, suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, which has severely hampered with his vision. The life long skier now competes in the visually impaired category of adaptive skiing. Mark and his guide (see the story for an explanation) won a silver medal in the downhill race.

It was a great interview, but unfortunately there just wasn’t enough room for everything (I could have gone on and on). But luckily for you here’s the outtakes from that interview:

My dad picked up skiing when he was about 30, and for a ski racer I actually got into it a little bit later, I think I was 9 or 10 and as a teenager it became the sport I was most passionate about and figured that I could excel at it the most so actually when I was attending MIHS i spent half of my high school years over at Wenatchee Valley Junior College, they had a program where they let us train with the ski academy so we skied 7 days a week effectively. We’d go to school 7:30 to 10:30 a.m. and be on the hill by 11:30 a.m. and we’d ski 180 days a year at Mission Ridge. My junior year I didn’t attend MIHS at all, but my senior year I did the first and fourth quarters.

I did it for one more year competitively and before going to college. I took one year and sort of dedicated it to skiing, but by then, without my knowing it, my eye disease had started taking back my ability to ski the race course, so the last year was not as productive as the previous years. I trained well because you have the course memorized, but I wouldn’t race well. I’d ski off the course or miss gates. Then I hardly skied at all during the 80s and I lived in Europe for a couple years and lived in LA for about 8 years and that didn’t really lend itself to skiing so when I moved back to Seattle in the early ’90s friends got me back into it. Quite honestly when I was diagnosed with my eye disease in ’86 I thought someday I’d probably do the paralympics, so four or five or six years ago I started to think about it and more or less said if I don’t do the 2010 games I’ll be too old to be competitive at the next series, so I attended my first adaptive race and have been pursuing it with a passion since then.

Pairing up was just serendipity. Guides have to have quiet a bit of flexibility in their work schedule, and not everybody does, to be able to train and travel extensively, so when I did my first adapative race in March of ’08 I showed up at the race course in Idaho and it just so happened that there was a volunteer (Slater Storey) there whose sister was on the U.S. adapative ski team, so he grew up with the sport because she (his sister) had a leg amputated as an infant so when I needed a guide the race organizers asked him if he would be willing. Being a guide beats being a volunteer so he did it and then we did a couple of races together last season and then I also had to work with another guy because it’s hard to find people who have the time, but he (Storey) ended up having time this winter and skied almost on a daily basis to prepare for the Paralympics.

I would say slalom is the most difficult just because it’s the quickest, things are happening the fastest. In a 60 second race you go through 40-60 turns, so you’re literally doing everything as fast as you can, there’s just no time to think or process in between turns, and so as a guide and a follower we have to be very much in sync through training. Downhill, just by nature that you have a few seconds between turns, is marginally easier because you have the time to think and communicate.

Favorites places to ski – Absolutely love Sun Valley, can’t say enough good things about it, they were very generous to us this winter, Crystal Mountain is a fantastic mountain, love training there, Alpental and Snoqualmie they have great coaches and training and Mission Ridge. Seattle is blessed with lots of great areas.

Favorite part of skiing and racing – You have a total sense of freedom and complete ability to be aggressive, it’s such a controlled environment I don’t have to worry about outside variables so you can just completely focus on a singular task or event and your mind clears from everything else and you just get so singularly focused on that you get a sense of accomplishment and reach your peak performance. A lot of sports provide this I think, it takes all stress from the rest of life away and cleanses and purges it.

The other thing that I really enjoy about ski racing is always my teammates and competitors, they usually really fine young men and women who participate in the sport. They are doing it because they love it, and they get some benefit from it. It’s always a personal benefit, its not like they are doing it for fame and fortune, everyone has a lot in common and gets a lot of joy from it. They are battling their disabilities, but getting tremendous joy from this pursuit and it’s very therapeutic.

Check out Mark’s Web site for more information about him and the sport.

Seattle area lacrosse standings

April 5th, 2010 at 2:56 pm by Megan Managan
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Here’s a look at the local lacrosse standings as of April 4.

The Mercer Island boys have just returned from a successful 3-0 trip to New York during the school’s spring break. Last year the team lost all it’s matches back East, and this season the captains said winning games in NY was a top priority. Look for a recap of the trip in this week’s issue.

Boys Division I

Rank Team GP Record Pct GB Overall PF PA +/-


1 Bellevue 5 5-0-0  (W1) 1.000 7-1-0 101 43 58
tie Mercer Island 4 4-0-0  (0) 1.000 0.5 9-0-0 113 38 75
tie Issaquah 3 3-0-0  (0) 1.000 1 7-2-0 102 60 42
4 Overlake 5 3-2-0  (W1) 0.600 2 3-3-0 66 58 8
5 Northshore 4 2-2-0  (W1) 0.500 2.5 2-2-0 40 47 -7
tie Skyline 4 2-2-0  (0) 0.500 2.5 3-5-0 64 70 -6
tie Lakeside 4 2-2-0  (W2) 0.500 2.5 2-2-0 23 45 -22
8 Mukilteo 4 1-3-0  (0) 0.250 3.5 2-5-0 34 62 -28
tie Eastlake 4 1-3-0  (L1) 0.250 3.5 1-3-0 25 35 -10
10 Eastside Catholic 5 1-4-0  (W1) 0.200 4 2-4-0 34 71 -37


1 Curtis 5 5-0-0  (W1) 1.000 6-1-0 89 46 43
tie King’s Way 3 3-0-0  (W3) 1.000 1 3-0-0 33 9 24
tie Puyallup 2 2-0-0  (W2) 1.000 1.5 2-0-0 29 14 15
4 Bainbridge 3 2-1-0  (0) 0.667 2 2-4-0 46 56 -10
5 Tacoma 5 2-3-0  (L1) 0.400 3 2-3-0 49 46 3
6 Seattle Prep 4 1-3-0  (L3) 0.250 3.5 1-4-0 27 58 -31
tie Stadium 4 1-3-0  (W1) 0.250 3.5 1-3-0 12 42 -30
8 Vashon 5 1-4-0  (L4) 0.200 4 1-4-0 30 71 -41
9 Tahoma 4 0-4-0  (L4) 0.000 4.5 0-6-0 37 61 -24
tie Lake Tapps 5 0-5-0  (L5) 0.000 5 0-5-0 32 80 -48

Girls Division I

The girls, who host Garfield on Thursday at home, are in a three-way tie for fourth place right now, falling from a tie for second place before spring break.

Rank Team GP Record Pts
1 Lakeside 6 6-0-0  (W6) 12
2 Seattle Prep 6 3-2-1  (T1) 7
tie Bellevue 5 3-1-1  (T1) 7
4 Lake Sammamish 4 3-1-0  (W3) 6
tie Mercer Island 4 3-1-0  (W2) 6
tie Tacoma 4 3-1-0  (L1) 6
7 Bainbridge 3 2-1-0  (W2) 4
tie Snohomish 4 2-2-0  (L2) 4
tie Garfield 3 2-1-0  (W1) 4
10 Holy Names 5 1-4-0  (L3) 2
tie Forest Ridge 4 1-3-0  (W1) 2
12 Curtis 5 0-5-0  (L5) 0
tie Nathan Hale 4 0-4-0  (L4) 0
tie Roosevelt 3 0-3-0  (L3) 0

Islanders baseball nets win over Sammamish

April 1st, 2010 at 10:38 am by Megan Managan
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Yesterday, the Mercer Island boys baseball team started their away and home series against Sammamish, playing at Sammamish (they host the Totems tomorrow at 6 p.m.). The Islanders, who are currently 4-1 this season, beat Sammamish 11-3.

Mercer Island scored in every inning, with their highest being three runs in the fifth. A game highlight however came at the top of the 7th when Islander short-stop and captain Willy Reel hit a home run way out over left field. There wasn’t much Reel didn’t do at the game, ending with a 5-5 at bat/hitting record in the game, earning two RBI. Along with the homer he had a double and a triple during the game.

Ben Emanuels was 2 for 4 at bat against the Totems and Evan Thompson was 3 for 3 overall.

The win came a week after the Islanders 13-5 upset against Mount Si, considered one of the top teams in the state this season.

Mercer Island hosts Sammamish on Friday at Island Crest Park beginning at 6 p.m. See next week’s Reporter for a full series recap and pictures.

On a side note: at last night’s game Sammamish’s scoreboard was apparently not working or hasn’t been (it wasn’t electronic, but was the ‘old-school’ kind where the numbers had to be hung up by someone – so I’m assuming it just doesn’t get used). While keeping track of the score isn’t the most difficult thing in the world, several people, myself included, had to ask around during the game to  keep track of what inning it was and what the score was. I know this isn’t professional or college baseball, but a scoreboard would have been a nice addition to the game.

Washington lacrosse standings

March 30th, 2010 at 10:55 am by Megan Managan
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Here is a look at the Washington high school lacrosse standings, as of Monday, March 29. The undefeated Islander boys division I team sits squarely on the top of the rankings, but are tied with Bellevue who has the same record. Mercer Island is in New York this week during the high school’s spring break, competing against some of the toughest teams in the nation.

Boys Division I

Rank Team GP Record Pct GB Overall PF PA +/-
1 Mercer Island 4 4-0-0  (0) 1.000 6-0-0 86 24 62
tie Bellevue 4 4-0-0  (0) 1.000 6-0-0 75 33 42
tie Issaquah 3 3-0-0  (0) 1.000 0.5 4-2-0 69 43 26
4 Skyline 4 2-2-0  (0) 0.500 2 3-3-0 54 47 7
tie Overlake 4 2-2-0  (0) 0.500 2 2-3-0 51 56 -5
tie Northshore 4 2-2-0  (W1) 0.500 2 2-2-0 40 47 -7
7 Lakeside 3 1-2-0  (W1) 0.333 2.5 1-2-0 13 38 -25
8 Mukilteo 4 1-3-0  (L1) 0.250 3 1-3-0 19 47 -28
tie Eastlake 4 1-3-0  (L1) 0.250 3 1-3-0 25 35 -10
10 Eastside Catholic 3 0-3-0  (0) 0.000 3.5 1-3-0 19 51 -32
1 Curtis 4 4-0-0  (0) 1.000 5-1-0 73 42 31
tie King’s Way 3 3-0-0  (W3) 1.000 0.5 3-0-0 33 9 24
tie Puyallup 1 1-0-0  (W1) 1.000 1.5 1-0-0 16 5 11
4 Bainbridge 3 2-1-0  (0) 0.667 1.5 2-4-0 46 56 -10
5 Tacoma 3 1-2-0  (L1) 0.333 2.5 1-2-0 23 28 -5
tie Vashon 3 1-2-0  (L2) 0.333 2.5 1-2-0 25 37 -12
7 Seattle Prep 4 1-3-0  (L3) 0.250 3 1-4-0 27 58 -31
tie Stadium 4 1-3-0  (W1) 0.250 3 1-3-0 12 42 -30
9 Tahoma 3 0-3-0  (L3) 0.000 3.5 0-5-0 28 48 -20
tie Lake Tapps 3 0-3-0  (L3) 0.000 3.5 0-3-0 19 48 -29

The Mercer Island girls division I team is currently in a three way tie for second place, all with 3-1 records. Lake Sammamish and Tacoma, who the Islanders lost to last week, and MI all sit below the undefeated Lakeside who are 5-0.

Girls Division I

Rank Team GP Record Pts
1 Lakeside 5 5-0-0  (W5) 10
2 Lake Sammamish 4 3-1-0  (W3) 6
tie Mercer Island 4 3-1-0  (W2) 6
tie Tacoma 4 3-1-0  (L1) 6
5 Snohomish 4 2-2-0  (L2) 4
tie Seattle Prep 4 2-2-0  (L1) 4
tie Bellevue 3 2-1-0  (W1) 4
tie Bainbridge 3 2-1-0  (W2) 4
tie Garfield 3 2-1-0  (W1) 4
10 Holy Names 3 1-2-0  (L1) 2
11 Nathan Hale 4 0-4-0  (L4) 0
tie Roosevelt 3 0-3-0  (L3) 0
tie Forest Ridge 3 0-3-0  (L3) 0
tie Curtis 3 0-3-0  (L3) 0

Final note on basketball

March 26th, 2010 at 3:11 pm by Megan Managan
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One last note about basketball, with a few of the MIHS players taking part in various post season games this weekend.

Hannah Lilly has committed to play as part of tomorrow nights All-State girls basketball team. She’s the only member of the girls team, who finished sixth at state this year, to play in the all-state game. It will be at Seattle Christian High School, sponsored by the state’s coaches association, with the 3A/4A game starting at 7 p.m. The cost is $7 for adult and $4 for students. Kids under 10 are free.

Also on Saturday, several players from MI will have the chance to take part in the second annual Comcast All-Star Challenge at 4 p.m., this Friday at Bellevue College. On the underclassmen navy team Haley Gullstad and Jae Shin will represent the Islanders, while Lilly will play for the senior team. On the boys side Kaj Sherman will play for the seniors, while Quinn Sterling and Brian Miller will play on the underclassmen team.

Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students with ASB and seniors. The games will also be available 48 hours after the event on Games Comcast’s On Demand.

MI’s Wettack named Washington lacrosse player of the week

March 25th, 2010 at 9:31 am by Megan Managan
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Jonathan Wettack was named one of U.S. Lacrosse’s Washington High School Players of the Week for the week of March 15 – 21. The senior midfielder for Mercer Island has helped the Islanders to two wins in one week. He already has 29 points this season, with 13 goals, six assists and seven ground balls.

Last Wednesday he helped the team beat Lakeside 17-2 with seven goals and two assists, before contributed six goals and four assists in the Islanders 13-0 win over Bainbridge.

Wettack, a captain of this year’s MIHS lacrosse team, also played football for three years for MI and has maintained a 3.4 GPA.

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